International Society of Studies on Celiac Disease

The International Society for the Study of Celiac Disease (ISSCD)

ISSCD is the international organization for all professionals working in the field of Celiac Disease and gluten-mediated human disease in the broadest understanding of the term. It serves as an umbrella organization of national societies with similar objectives and professional membership, where such are present, for the study of Celiac Disease performing, initiating, coordinating and disseminating research and improved understanding of the field of Celiac Disease (CD) and gluten-mediated human disease. The general purpose of the ISSCD is to promote scientific knowledge regarding the field of CD and gluten-mediated human disease.

Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG)

Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG) had its inception in the year 1960, and is registered under Societies Act, XXI of 1860. ISG has over 1500 life members; it holds a national conference and 2 mid-term conferences every year. ISG publishes a high quality indexed journal bimonthly.


All-India Institute of Medical Sciences was established as an institution of national importance by an Act of Parliament with the objects to develop patterns of teaching in Undergraduate and Post-graduate Medical Education in all its branches so as to demonstrate a high standard of Medical Education in India; to bring together in one place educational facilities of the highest order for the training of personnel in all important branches of health activity; and to attain self-sufficiency in Post-graduate Medical Education.

Asia Pacific Association of Gastroenterology

The Asian Pacific Association of Gastroenterology (APAGE) was founded in Tokyo on March 30th 1961. This organization is an affiliate of the Organization Mondiale de Gastro-Enterologie (OMGE). APAGE will lead by 2010 in creating a united, multi-cultural and multi-dimensional organization in the pursuit of excellence in clinical practice / education and research towards the improvement of digestive health in this region and the world.

Gastroenterology Research & Education Society

Gastroenterology Research & Education Society